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Described as a bamboo shoulder pole carrying two baskets of rice at both ends, the Central Coast is a narrow strip of land stretching from the North Central to South Central Vietnam, linking the Red River Delta in the north and the outstretched Mekong Delta in the south. This area consists of 10 coastal provinces, each of which provides a fascinating destination for visitors. The land is set between the imposing Truong Son Range and the Pacific Ocean with a long coastline of white sand, dotted between are small plains grown with rice, sugar canes, cotton trees and different kinds of grains. The mountains, the sea, sand, sunshine and emerald paddy fields harmoniously combine together making the Central Coast a wonderful natural landscape.


Lying in the centre of the region is Hue - the ancient imperial city of the Vietnam's Nguyen Dynasty, poetic with its natural beauty and splendid with the royal palaces, temples, citadels and tombs of the Nguyen Kings. And along it's coastline are paradisiacal beaches of Phan Thiet, Ninh Chu, Nha Trang, Cam Ranh, Qui Nhon, Danang, Lang Co, and so on, where to soak up the sunshine and sea water, or to play with sand.


Centuries ago, this area was the land of the ancient Champa Kingdom that lasted from about the 2nd to the 17th century. Nowadays, throughout this coastal region, visitors will see the distinctive antique Cham towers and Cham's sacred sites, built of the exceptional kind of red bricks, standing as silent testimony to a kingdom which once flourished here.